The Tea Cup Wings

The Tea Cup Wings


Hight 68in

Width 63in

Weight 60 lb together


The Story

These wings are made of beautiful bone china that Suzie has turned into a mosaic. She added tea roses, a deck of heart cards and other final touches to this beautiful set. This set was inspired when Suzie saw the quote from Alice in wonderland, "Sometimes I believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast’’. To do the impossible we must break the norms of the worlds thinking. Society once thought it was impossible for women to vote, or for women to not wear corset, for women to work and so much more. We have to break the fragile form of social thinking in order to achieve the impossible."

Suzie Hartford  


For inquiries to show these wings in your gallery or museum, or for more information on the story behind these wings please email



These wings are available for purchase to privet collectors.