The New Life Wings


A part of Suzie's exhibiting collection for her for 2020/ 2021

First exhibited at Places Des Art, Coquitlam BC 

Size: 26L x 20W

Media: Mixed Media


Suzie created these to reflect her family past of leaving everything behind to escape communist Czechoslovakia, living in an Austrian refugee camp and coming to Canada. Angels are the people that love you even if you don't speak their language and help you create a better life. Suzies parents had faith that God would put living and spiritual angels in their path. Her art piece has two sparrows to represent her parents. The sparrow is hard working, diligent, productive, and persistent. She added broken glass onto the sparrow to represent the broken windows of the refugee camp. The needle and thimble represent how her family had to sew together a new life. Blue as the main colour to represent the ocean that they crossed. The simple stitching around the sparrows represents the simple life her parents lived. The nest representing her and her siblings with flowers flourishing all around. Moving to Canada meant that they had opportunities that thier parents didn’t have. Suzie is proud to say that all of us did flourish and live beautiful lives as Canadian Citizens.