Broken Hearts Brave Wings

Broken Hearts Brave Wings


Broken Hearts Brave Wings 

Size 19W x 25H each with frame 

$500 each or together for $800


The Story

"So many of us have a story of a broken heart, but somehow with brave wings we still go on, we still strive to find a happy life after darkness. I feel this set of work reflects so much on how so many of us are feeling towards COVID19. Our hearts are absolutely broken that life as we know it has changed but with brave wings, we go on. If you are anything like me, you are still in shock over how much COVID19 has changed our every day lives and are left wondering what the future holds. I must admit I went through a few days of straight tears over COVID19 and the uncertainty of it all but with help from loved ones, my faith, and my community I was able to overcome my fears and continue with living a happy life."

Suzie Hartford  


For inquiries to show these wings in your gallery or museum, or for more information on the story behind these wings please email


These wings are available for purchase to privet collectors.