Working with mixed media, Suzie's artwork is elegant and unique. She offers clients luxurious and graceful abstract pieces as well as her signature handmade angel wing art sculptures. 

An event in her life called her to create angel wings to express her gratitude. With her hands, her heart and her visions she creates not just angel wings but LOVE and gratitude for life. Her collections are close to her heart and each one reflects a piece of herself to give to the world.

Suzie Hartford angel wings range from 1.5ft to 7ft+ tall and are a statement piece for any collector.


For more details on her work please follow her on social media under

@ Suzie Hartford Art. 

Art for your


Life & Soul

About Suzie

Her family emigrated from Slovakia to Canada when she was a young child. After spending sometime in Toronto she found her home in the quaint suburb of Vancouver, Maple Ridge, British Columbia. she has been fortunate to raise her family in the community of Maple Ridge.

Before motherhood, she worked in marketing and sales. She thoroughly enjoyed her previous jobs and fondly recollect how exciting the jobs were, especially when she  got to share  her creative viewpoints with the teams she worked with.


she graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley where she studied business, media and communications. During her studies, she took creative art classes and adored working with her hands to create beautiful pieces. This is when she fell in love with mixed media art. she has always been a creative person at home, in her writing, with her out-of-the-ordinary ideas, and in her art. If you know one thing about Suzie, you know she is creative!

She is ecstatic to share her creative life with you through her artwork. 

Angels Are Around Us!